The impressive effects of great content in every marketing strategy cannot be overemphasized. Content marketing in Nigeria has proven to increase conversion rates and bring loyal customers. Video marketing is a crucial part of content marketing with various benefits that can leave a lasting effect on your audience.

What is Video Marketing?  

Video marketing is the strategic use of videos to promote a brand and its services, educate customers, increase brand engagement, and reach more audiences. The benefits of video marketing to both small businesses and big brands in Nigeria are glaring. Statistically, 74% of the audience who watch a great video marketing ad purchase the product. In other words, a great video marketing campaign will produce high conversion rates for your brand.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Increased Brand Awareness

Video marketing plays an essential role in creating awareness and giving your audience a positive perception of a brand. A video ad contains audio and visuals which can easily resonate with an audience. When a brand introduces a new product, it is always advisable to run video marketing campaigns because it helps the audience recognize the product and keep a good memory of it. Whether in a digital marketing ad or a television ad, your video content will give your audience higher retention of your product or service, thereby increasing brand awareness.

Increased Engagement

Higher interactions and engagement between a brand and its audience is another benefit achieved through video marketing. A sixty (60)-seconds’ engaging video content can sell itself. With the advent of social media, your audience can share your content on their pages and tag people to see the video. Interactions and engagement is a major advantage of video marketing that can be harnessed on social media. Once you can get people talking and interacting with your brand, it becomes easier to sell your product.

Lead Generation and High Conversion Rate

With a strategic video marketing campaign, your brand will enjoy high conversion rates as well as vital leads from prospects. The best thing about video marketing is that you can easily add a call to action (CTA) during and at the end of each video. Your video content doesn’t have to be exclusively promotional for it to be effective. In Nigeria, social media influencers create comic videos with just a little information about the sponsoring brand, and such videos enjoy a high conversion rate. Your CTA in each video allows your prospect or customers to take immediate action thereby, yielding higher revenue for your business in Nigeria.

Other benefits of video marketing in Nigeria include; enhancement of SEO efforts, providing real consumer experience, and overall brand improvement. Every digital marketing campaign in Nigeria should have video marketing in its strategy. Before a brand can enjoy the multiple benefits attached to video marketing, the video content delivered must be catchy and creative. Cyno Group offers all content marketing strategies including, video marketing, tailored to bring paying customers.

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