Your brand story is significant in gaining consistent and loyal customers. It is more than just telling your customers about your products or services. Every brand story must be unique and resonate with its customers. Research shows that a good number of customers patronize brands because of their sentimental value. Your brand story allows you to connect deeper with your customers and prospects. You can transform your business in Nigeria and gain the trust and loyalty of your customers through consistent brand storytelling. Here are a few tips to help you tell a better brand story in 2021.

Know your Audience

In telling a compelling story, first, know and understand your audience. Every brand aims to be unique and different, but it is imperative that you know your brand’s audience. They are an essential part of all marketing and PR efforts, as well as your brand story. Besides knowing your brand demographics, you need to know the kind of story your audience will likely find compelling and relatable. Understand the tone and language that appeals to your audience. A little research on your audience can positively influence the effectiveness of your brand story.

Have a Vision

When it comes to branding, having a clear vision and mission is what transits to uniqueness and authenticity. When your brand has a clear goal, it becomes easier to tell it in a story. A great brand story will show the audience the goals and the journey towards attaining them. An example of a good brand story wrapped around its vision is MTN. The telecommunication agency has the tagline “everywhere you go” with the vision to allow customers to reach their loved ones at any place and time.

In every marketing strategy or public relations event, MTN has always centered itself on that vision. Since the vision is clear and consistent, the general audience can easily join that journey. Have a relatable and consistent vision.

Keep it Simple and Original

Ensure that your story is original and exclusive to only your brand. Your customers are smart people who can see through a generic or copied brand story. Every story you share should be real and personalized to your brand. Make your brand story personal. Show your audience real people and give real-life situations. For example, if you run a transportation business and have the vision to make movement in Lagos easy, showing the struggles with yellow buses in Lagos would be more relatable than just telling your audience about it. Your brand story should be communicated in every message disseminated to the public whether in press releases or social media posts. Ensure to keep it simple, so everyone can understand it and not see it as a mere marketing strategy.

Brand Consistency

One crucial mistake that can destroy a brand is inconsistency. Your brand story, alongside other brand elements such as your logo, color, and name should always be consistent. With a consistent brand message, your audience can build a unique perception of your brand and know what to expect from it. Changing your brand message can make you lose loyal customers because you keep changing your audience’s perception of your brand. An example of a consistent brand story is Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola brand has been associated with sharing joy and happiness with others, and this consistency has earned the brand loyal customers all over the world.

Engagement and Creativity

Another essential part of brand storytelling is creativity. Your brand story needs to be engaging enough for your audience to follow its journey. An uncreative and unengaging story will always have a lesser impact than a creative story. Whether it is just on a tweet on social media or a post on your website, find a way to keep your audience interested in your brand’s journey. Your brand message should never seem like a historical event, even if it has good historical roots. Let your audience look forward to your communication materials. An example of a seemingly successful brand story in Nigeria is Indomie. Its creativity has created a strong brand awareness where even those who do not purchase its products still associate with the brand.

Your brand story is an essential part of your marketing campaign- it gives your brand its uniqueness. Remember to share your brand story as often as possible to help create a positive perception and improve your brand awareness. Having troubles telling a creative brand story?

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