When a writer loses the enthusiasm and creativity to write, we commonly call it ‘Writer’s Block.’ Writer’s block is presumed to be a phase in every writer’s life where writing becomes impossible, and thanks to movies and presumptions, most of us now believe this myth.

In truth, writer’s block does not exist. Shocking? For every job, hobby, or activity, there’s always a time where a lack of enthusiasm and laziness occurs. It doesn’t take away your abilities. It only means you need to get over your lethargy and just do it.

Due to the stress of writing (especially writing a book), the writers’ community decided to collectively buy the lie of writer’s block to get away with our inconsistencies and laziness in writing.

Of course, there are times where you are inspired to write. At these times, your writings are full of passion and thrill. However, it is not enough to only write when inspired; even when you get tired, you need to keep writing. Create your inspiration.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Writing is an art. Like every other art, inspiration makes it easier and enjoyable. But in the words of Richard Bachthe, “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” Being consistent and persistent is the best way to create art. As writers, we need to be disciplined enough to take the right steps. Avoid waiting for inspiration or burying yourself at the end of bottles searching for that one dose of inspiration. To overcome the lack of enthusiasm, fine-tuned as writer’s block, all you need to do is write. Just do it!

Put off the crown of perfection you’ve placed on yourself. Stop telling yourself that your first draft has to be perfect or even close to making enough sense. The beauty of writing is really showcased in editing. Scribble all the words that don’t seem to align or make any sense, and edit it into a masterpiece.

As a writer, you’ve definitely read a lot of good books, so you surely know what good writing looks like. Although this can help improve your writing, it can also make you feel incompetent as a writer. Try not to let your mind walk on hot coals. Tune down the pressure on yourself and focus on writing whatever you can. The beautiful thing about the writer’s community is that we can share our work of art and get it tilted in the right direction. Edit what has been written and share them with other editors until it turns to the piece of art you want.

We need to be honest with ourselves and stop hiding under the myth of writer’s block. Once you can overcome this myth, you will consciously take the steps to become a professional writer.

 “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”— Louis L’Amour.

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