Cyno Ghostwriting

Cynoghostwritings leadership in the content industry has positioned it as the go-to writing company by a vast array of businesses, top-notch brands, and individuals. While we would not ordinarily reveal the identities of our ghostwriting clients for confidentiality, here are some of the projects we have carried out most recently.


  • An Autobiography for a commissioner of Lagos State and past director of a Tier 2 Bank
  • Ghostwriting a book for an Italian financial services and HR expert
  • Development editing for a book on wealth management for a wealth management expert
  • Business plans/presentations and financial projections in the following industries: Agriculture, Finance, Creative, Transport, and Business.
  • Development editing of a book on surviving the Nigerian business terrain for a young entertainment lawyer and World Economic Forum Global Shaper
  • Development editing of a book on Tourism in Lagos for a social media influencer and travel consultant
  • Ghostwriting work for a book on tourism in Nigeria for a business leader

Cyno Digital Communications

Cyno’s Digital Communications group is top-notch in the industry which caters to a diverse clientele ranging from well-known individuals to promising brands and businesses. As a testament to our excellent services here are some projects we have carried out.


  • Politics that Works Book Presentation Campaign
  • Content Creation for the Ministry of Finance
  • Documentaries for Ministry of Agriculture