Developmental or Development editing is a form of writing support that you get, before and during the production of your manuscript. Every book requires structure and a few things that would make it stand out. While copy editors are concerned with your grammar and punctuation, development editors evaluate your book as a whole. In essence, development editing covers both copy editing, re-writing where required, and ensuring the entire book comes together as a huge success.

Development editing would give you another perspective of the objective of your book, and it would make sure that you do not end up writing blindly. At CYNO, we listen to your idea of the book, and tell you what works. We’ll show you what, in our opinion, is the best way to convey your message, and we would evaluate your project, step by step, to make sure you have no atom of regret when the book is published.

While development editing is essentially for non-fiction works, it could also work under a fiction scheme. Do you have a short story you have thought about and you need help conceptualizing it into a full book, get in touch with CYNO development editors.

The Process

With development editing, t is expected that a level of written ground work has been done or would be done by the author. CYNO edits and review as the project progresses. You write, we edit, and we both deliberate on what works best for your target audience.


Cost is largely a function of the complexity or otherwise of your project. It would depend on the size of the piece, the amount of brainstorming required to transform your book, the amount of research to be done, and the amount of productive time it takes.

No two projects would cost the same, however, the same method of cost computation would be applied across board. For flexibility and convenience sake, you would be offered two options of financing your book project.

  • Outright payment: Your project would be evaluated and a fixed cost would be given to you. A percentage of this would be paid beforehand to ensure commitment to the project, and the balance would be paid afterwards.
  • Part payment and Royalties: This option is recommended for those who do not have a fixed source of financing the project. To ensure commitment, a small fee would be charged at the beginning of the project and a royalty agreement would be signed, giving us a percentage of sales on the book and using the services of a lawyer of our choice. The team would remain hands-on through the marketing and publishing process to ensure its success and receive royalties for a specific period of time. This option, requires a lot of groundwork, however.

Also note that CYNO has the sole right of accepting or rejecting your project beforehand. We wouldn’t want to take up a project we cannot deliver on.