Let’s face it, the world has shifted to the web. And if you’re reading this, chances are that you already know that the web is content and content is the web. Now, while there are other methods of reaching your audience like videos and images, there’s no doubt that text trumps high. Text informs, instructs, guides, confirms, communicates, connects, and so much more! Yet, even though it has the lowest barrier to entry because anybody can open a blank Google doc and write, if done wrong, it stinks from a mile away. Introducing, Good Web Copy.

Why do certain websites pull you in and hold your attention (sometimes even have you paying for their stuff) and others just turn you off? Why do we keep going to specific websites over others? Here are 3 simple things that must be in place before your web copy or content can be good enough to spin the magic you need.

It’s Part of An Overall Content Strategy

Web content, considering its power to get your brand into major trouble or grow your audience, should no doubt be treated as a valuable business resource and not an afterthought. As such, for you to be able to create good web copy, all other elements of the ecosystem should be in place.

Creating useful copy requires a level of user research, strategic planning, meaningful metadata, top-notch writing skills (alongside a consistent brand voice), editorial oversight, a targeted audience, and an intended objective. Without these things in place, your copy might just be all over the place – not holding anybody’s attention and serving no clear purpose.

Good web copy

Good web copy translates to a lower bounce rate and higher traffic. Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Clarity Is Everything

There are two kinds of people in the content world. The first are the ones that unleash the powers of complex words, leaving readers in a state of utter confusion. These are the guys that have a bunch of technical jargon in their stash and are not afraid to use them. The second kind are those who write in clear, concise terms and go straight to the point. Research has it that the latter are the winners. Good copy is clear. It is simple, and it is effective. Information must simply be easy to understand by your intended audience! Less is more. Less is user-friendly. Less, works.

Is Creative
If you follow all the rules in the book, best believe that you can create good copies. But will you be able to create the ‘wow’ copies? Depends on how creative you are! To truly differentiate your service or brand, you must write copies that specifically and authentically embodies your brand. Be creative with your headings, your tone/voice, your structure, etc. As long as the first two are in place, your creativity should know no bounds. This is how to build a strong brand and create followers who will ride with your brand, no matter what.

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